1605 Westbrook Plaza Dr., Ste 403, Winston Salem, NC 27103
About Greenbriar Driving Academy

DMV ROAD TESTGreenbriar Driving Academy, located in the heart of Winston Salem, North Carolina in Forsyth County. Established to serve the teen and adult driver education needs in Winston Salem and surrounding communities. At the core of its foundation is a commitment to the highest ethical and educational standards for an in-depth program designed to produce respectful, safe and confident drivers.

All classes offered by Greenbriar Driving Academy are held in a spacious, well-lit and comfortable classroom environment equipped with multi-media learning tools, updated textbooks and review supplements. Classroom methodology is participatory, inclusive and hands-on. Learning will be fun but comprehensive, not only focusing on the techniques and laws associated with operating a motor vehicle, but also delving deeply into the “actions and consequences” of driving.

Behind-the-wheel instruction provided by Greenbriar Driving Academy is conducted in clean vehicles that have been inspected and approved by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles. Per state regulations, each is equipped with instructor dual brake and rearview mirror plus a dash camera and blind-spot mirrors to assist new drivers. In addition, each vehicle is clearly marked with “student driver” signs as a safety precaution to aid in traffic assimilation.

Greenbriar Driving Academy is locally owned and operated by Heather and Nathan Bagg. Heather is a native to Forsyth County.  Heather and Nathan have resided for thirteen years in Winston Salem, the City of Arts and Innovation. Heather and Nathan had a yearning to have a family owned business, making a difference in their community together. Their idea from day one has been to provide excellent driver educational tools, sincere, caring instruction, and genuine guidance in the process of students becoming safe drivers. Heather and Nathan are innovative and intuitive communicators and motivators who easily connects with students of all ages and sees their greatest success in helping others succeed.

Why Choose Us

Committed to the Highest Standards

We have a commitment to the highest ethical and educational standards.

All-Inclusive Training

Providing comprehensive as well as the “actions and consequences” of driving.

Friendly Environment

Comfortable, clean and well equipped classroom with updated learning tools.

Intuitive Communication

Instructor is innovative motivator who easily connects with all students.