1605 Westbrook Plaza Dr., Ste 403, Winston Salem, NC 27103
Welcome to Greenbriar Driving Academy!

We are licensed by the State of North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, insured & bonded.

Greenbriar Driving Academy serves Winston Salem and surrounding communities in providing a high quality driver training experience. Our sole purpose is to equip students with the tools and knowledge needed to become a safe, respectful and conscientious driver.

Teens (14.5-18yrs)
30-Hrs Classroom / 6-Hrs Behind the Wheel
$450per course
6-Hrs Behind the Wheel Instruction Only
$300per course
Additional Individual Lessons / 2-Hr Minimum
$50per hour
Individual Driving Lessons 2 Hr. Minimum
$50per hour

I have known the owners of Greenbriar Driving Academy for nearly a decade. They have been supportive and patient with my own children. They are honest, friendly and sincere in their dedication to training safe drivers. Safety is their upmost priority as they teach their students to be respectful and responsible drivers. I would absolutely trust Greenbriar Driving Academy with the critical task of teaching my own children to drive.

Mary, WSFCS - Curriculum Coordinator

We would highly recommend Nathan and Heather as Certified Driving Instructors. Heather has excellent communication skills, is extremely organized, reliable, and very patient. Nathan is always willing to offer his assistance to others, easily builds rapport, thinks fast on his feet and is quite humorous (students will love him). Both of them make family life a priority and value relationships. As parents of three boys, we would fully trust Nathan and Heather to take each one of our boys under their wings during such a transitional time in their lives.

Bryan & Tammy, NC Special Agent / Speech-Language Pathologist
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1605 Westbrook Plaza Dr., Ste 403, Winston Salem, NC 27103